Particle Filtering Half Mask FFP2 NR (KF-2, folding)


The Panther® series of particulate respirators are specifically designed for a comfort wearing, high efficiency protection, low breathing resistance, are highly practical and cost effective. This Panther® KF-2 particulate respirator of class FFP2 NR is a folding shape 4 layers filtering half mask without valve fitted with ear loop  with head harness retaining clip and internal metal nose clip. Complies with the EN149:2009 FFP2 NR standard and exceeds the required performance criteria with outstanding test results.

The features and benefits of the Panther® KF-2 are as follows:

•  Head Harness with retaining clip for a tight face seal.

•  Comfortable foldable design allows quick and comfortable handling.

•  Individual packaging helps prevent the respirator from contamination before use.

•  Latex-free material to prevent allergic reactions.

•  Internal flexible nose clip to ensure the perfect fit and for wearer skin comfort.

The composition of the Panther® KF-2:

1st layer: PP Non-woven fabric

2nd layer: PP Melt blown fabric

3rd layer: Hot air cotton

4th layer: PP Non-woven fabric

Standard: EN149: 2001+A1: 2009


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