About Panther

Panther Healthcare was founded in 2002. We are a leading provider of intelligent minimally invasive surgical solutions in the PRC. We design, develop, manufacture and market surgical devices, with a focus on surgical staplers, and provide customized surgical training services.

Our Capabilities

After nearly two decades of development, we have built a comprehensive product portfolio, comprising (i) staplers, including endoscopic staplers, smart staplers and open staplers, applicable to multiple surgical specialties, ranging from gastrointestinal, gynecologic and thoracic surgeries to sleeve gastrectomy surgeries for weight control, and (ii) other instruments and accessories for minimally invasive and open surgeries, such as ultrasonic scalpels and disposable fixation devices for hernia repair. We also market and distribute sutures, hernia meshes and blood vessel titanium clips manufactured by third parties as part of our integrated product offerings to our customers, and manufacture and sell certain products to OEM customers. 

Panther Surgical Academy

Panther Healthcare makes efforts to organize surgical trainings, master classes, clinical immersions and other activities in different parts of the world.


Contact Us

B.J.ZH.F.Panther Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Tel: 8610-80789058


Email: service@pantherhealthcare.com