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PPH Hemorrhoid Surgery

    Thomson proposed the concept of modern hemorrhoids in 1975:
    1. Hemorrhoids are lip-shaped polyp structures common to all people inside the lower rectum, and are also known as anal cushions.
    2. Anal cushions are arranged in a clover shape on the right front, right rear and left side, and are independent of the superior rectal artery branch.
    3. They are like the tricuspid valve of the heart, and help the sphincter to maintain normal closure of the anal canal.
    4. The pathological hypertrophy of anal cushions is called hemorrhoidal disease.

    PPH is a new surgical method which uses a special circular hemorrhoid anastomat, and involves loop excision of rectal mucosa above the hemorrhoids and tissue below the mucosa with simultaneous circular anastomosis of mucosa on mucosa, thereby effectively treating prolapsed hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse. The surgical principles of PPH are:
    1. “Suspension”: The rectal mucosa and sub-mucosa loosened by the loop excision above the tooth line, and the simultaneous anastomosis incision, cause the prolapsed anal cushions to retract and reset, eliminating the symptoms of hemorrhoid prolapse.
    2. “Cutting off”: By blocking the terminal branches of arteriovenous anastomosis and reducing submucosal blood flow, the original congested hypertrophic hemorrhoids gradually shrink, which can reduce fecal extrusion on mucosal tissue and achieve control of bleeding.